Gimex furniture

Is a manufacturer of high quality contemporary design furniture.
Gimex furniture’s central office are still based in Esfahan,Iran and factories in Hamedan,Iran.
Gimex furniture manufactures its furniture in a system that combines traditional craftsmanship and advanced technology. This system of production allows for customization while guaranteeing perfection in quality. Each piece of furniture is individually crafted by artisans who have devoted themselves to a tradition of excellence.
. . A highly skilled and flexible team of architects work in the design department where the best solutions for client’s needs are found and implemented. Completed projects include thousands furniture in , luxury residences, corporate and government offices.
our slogan is high quality furniture for all, This is because Gimex furniture’s
understanding of quality is not only about the end product but also about the process where every stage and component of production is rigorously managed. Hand-picked raw materials, cutting edge technology, world’s finest hardware and excellent craftsmanship are all key ingredients to this process; However, it is the objective of the well-being of the Gimex furniture
community that brings it all together. Our quality policy dictates that we strive for the happiness, satisfaction and prosperity of our clients and of the entire staff and suppliers.

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